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January 1, 2024
Revaluation: The municipality is required to keep properties in compliance of full
value at least once in every 5−year period. The municipality is conducting a
revaluation for the 2024 assessment roll. As such, we will be periodically
conducting inspections on properties until such time that we have completed our
assessment roll.
Notice of Assessor’s Authority to Enter Land:
The trespass law in Wisconsin entitles the assessor to enter a property once
during an assessment cycle unless the property owner has notified the assessor
in advance to deny entry. Additional visits may be authorized by the property
owner. Assessors are restricted to the following conditions when entering
1) The reason for the entry must be to make an assessment on behalf of the
state or a political subdivision.
2) The entry must be on a weekday during daylight hours, or at another time as
agreed upon with the property owner.
3) The assessor’s visit must not be more than one hour.
4) The assessor must not open doors, enter through open doors, or look into
windows of structures.
5) If the property owner or occupant is not present, the assessor must leave a
notice on the principal building providing the owner with information on how to
contact them.
6) The assessor may not enter the premises if they have received a notice from
the property owner or occupant denying them entry.
7) The assessor must leave if the property owner or occupant asks them to
In 2009, Wisconsin Act 68 was enacted to amend Section 70.05(5)(b) Wis. Stats.
and to create Section 70.05 (4m), 895, 488, 943.13 (4m)(d) and 943.15(1m) of
the statutes; relating to: partially exempting an assessor and an assessor’s staff
from liability for trespassing, creating immunity from civil liability, and changing
the notice requirements relating to the revaluation of property by an assessor.
Copies of the applicable statutes can be obtained at public depositories
throughout the State of Wisconsin, and from the State of Wisconsin Legislative
Reference Bureau website (

Municipality Field Staff Vehicles
Description Year Lic Number Veh No Driver
Ford Escape 2023 AUH-1309 1 Justin Servin
Ford Escape 2020 ALR-8316 2 Cole Fleury
Ford Escape 2020 AKU-7855 3 Myles McKown
Ford Escape 2023 697-ZGX 4 Jake Baumbach
Ford Escape 2020 ALR-8335 5 Reilly Owens
Ford Escape 2024 AVD-9392 6 Tyler Tannock
Ford Escape 2023 AVD-9591 7 Allen Sunstrom
Ford Escape 2020 AKU-7856 8 JJ Hamm
Ford Escape 2023 AUV-8515 9 Nick Laird
Ford Escape 2017 309-ZJE 10 Lee Murray
Ford Escape 2017 AKL-5997 11 Timothy Sveum
Ford Escape 2017 AKL-5992 12 Marc Brown
Ford Escape 2023 AWX-4002 13 Spare
Ford Escape     14  
Ford Escape 2017 AKL-5993 15 Spare
Ford Escape 2017 AKL-5994 16 Connor Godfrey
Ford Escape 2017 ALK-5996 17 Aaron Lindner
Ford Escape 2018 369-ZJE 18 Jacob Morman
Ford Escape 2018 394-ZJE 19 Walt Hughes
Ford Escape 2018 995-ZHU 20 Eric Vallaskey
Ford Escape 2024 AVD-9387 21 Tom Okrie
Ford Escape 2018 AMD-2985 22 Tony Robley
Ford Escape 2019 AEM-6032 23 Ryan Landry
Ford Escape 2019 388-ZJE 24 Nick Pues
Ford Escape 2019 819-ZHU 25 Philip Rein
Ford Escape 2020 350-YDZ 26 Thomas Powell
Ford Escape 2023 ASY-7133 27 Andrew Fluger
Ford Escape 2023 ATV-5293 28 Mark Brown
Ford Escape 2023 693-ZGX 29 Luke Mack
Ford Escape 2024 AVD-9390 30 Sean Morgan
Ford Escape 2024 AVD-9389 31 Justin Wiersma
Ford Escape 2024 AVD-9388 32 Bradley Murdock
Toyota Camry 2023 ATL-3596 33 Dean Peters